Thursday, June 25, 2009

baywalk little girl

Kuya konting barya lang po” (“Brother could you give us some money”), said a voice from my back as I was trying to shoot sunset at Baywalk.
Ano sabi mo?” (“what did you say?”), I asked without even looking.
konting barya lang po pambili ng pagkain. Di pa po kami kumakain eh” (“just a little money so we can buy food, me and my sister haven’t eaten lunch yet.”)

I looked over and saw two girls staring at me. When I saw the younger one, I immediately wanted to take a photo of her. She had a very sweet countenance tho’ she was a bit shy and didn’t speak a word.
I immediately took this shot because I wanted to capture her look during that time.

Ok tara, punta tayo dun at iti-treat ko kayo.” (“ok let’s go to that restaurant and I’ll treat you lunch) -even tho’ it was almost dinner time.

Iti-treat mo kami kuya?” (“you’re going to treat us brother?”), as if they didn’t hear me well.
“oo ba.” (“yes I will”.)

I asked them to order the food they wanted and paid for them immediately.
When they were about to eat, I bade them goodbye.

hindi mo kami kukunan ng litrato habang kumakain?” (“are you not going to take a photo of us eating?”) the older one asked. Probably they thought I treated them so I can take their photos.

hindi na. di na kailangan” (“No. No need to”), I smiled and went back to shooting sunset.

Deep inside I really wanted to take photos of them eating.
But I am slowly learning that in some situations, I don’t have to…

Some moments are better left to be experienced.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Qi Xing Yen - 2

another view inside the 7 Star Crags (Qi Xing Yen) park.

Zhaoqing, China

Friday, May 8, 2009

Qi Xing Yen (7 Star Crags)

this is one of the rocky mountains in Qi Xing Yen (7 Star Crags) of the main attraction of Zhaoqing...a very picturesque city.

zhaoqing, dongguan


Thursday, May 7, 2009

on track

i pass by the railway station going to the bus station from the house i was staying in Zhaoqing. this is actually a "short cut" so many people are passing by this way too. fine by me because i love taking photos in this spot.

Zhaoqing, Guangdong, China.

Monday, April 13, 2009


Elmen a very good friend and drinking buddy, works in a small shop, building tricycles 6 days a week. at times he needs to work on Sundays just to finish some jobs.
A very hard worker.

working from 8am to 7pm, 6 days a week....
he earns $25 to $30 for a week's work.

"ok na 'to. malaking tulong na din. kesa sa wala"
(this is ok with me. it's already a big help to us. this is better than nothing at all.")

a typical pinoy....hardworking, positive, resilient.
i salute you, Filipino workers.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

muslim girl

i was shopping at Baguio market when this little girl approached me, asking that she'll carry my bag for some money. some kids are roaming around the city market doing the same ro earn some money for their family. i told her that i'll just take a photo of her and she doesn't have to carry my bag. she was hesitant at first and was shy to even look at my cam.

"isang kuha lang po ha" (just one photo sir).

i smiled and took a shot as fast as i can because i didn't want her to change her mind.
she burst into a sweet smile as i handed her some money.

she was so happy and surprised that i gave her 50 pesos (1 dollar). most of the time they get 10 or 20 pesos in every bag they carry....and most are heavy shopping bags.

"kuya nagkamali po kayo" (brother you made a mistake.)
offering back the money.

"no i didn't", i said.
that is really for you.

then i went my way praying that the photo i took of her was alright.


Saturday, November 1, 2008

the ice cream man

i took an "ice cream break" from chasing a photo for my entry in flickr 888. started a conversation with Manong Sorbetero (i asked for his name but i completely forgot it and my senior moments) as he was preparing my ice cream.

it didn't take long before i got him to tell an incident he was still furious about. he said he got victimized by a practical joke of a certain tv program. they pretended they were arresting him of illegally selling ice cream inside quezon city memorial park. old as he is, he forgot about his permit and panicked right away.

he got furious when he was told it was only a practical joke.
he said he wasn't able to breath well and laid down on one corner for a few minutes.

"@#^$&*(*&^%@^* ng mga yan", he cursed them.
"kung ako namatay hindi naman ako babayaran ng mga yan." (if i died, i am sure they wont even pay me).

"ni hindi man lang ako binigyan ng tubig...mga walanghiya!" (they didn't even bother to give me a glass of water. shameless!)